About Us

The Story Behind ThumbsYup®

Customers should be at the heart of every business. Here's why. Without customers, our business and your business would not exist. There would be nothing to offer that could make the world better, cooler, or richer - whichever you aspire to achieve. ThumbsYup® is a customer-centric company. We want to hear our customers' pains and joys. If we listen close enough and often enough to their feedback, we can improve customer relations by continuously striving to meet their needs. Together, we can help each other, and together we can all succeed.

That's the very attitude our family accounting business had many years ago, before ThumbsYup® even existed. After over 40 years, the family business is still going strong. There was a time, however, when our business needed improvement. Bob, the head honcho and accountant, decided to start asking his clients for reviews, and then the unexpected happened. Our family accounting business started to soar! We discovered that by simply requesting reviews and communicating with our clients, we received even more business through repeat and new clients.

Bob continued to pick up his phone and call all of his clients. One by one, they gave him reviews. The reviews continued to come in so frequently that they became difficult to manage and track. This was a great problem to have, but we needed to grab those reviews by the horns and tame them. That's when the early concept of a reviews management platform was born.

Much has happened since those initial reviews were flooding Bob's inbox. Today, ThumbsYup® is a customer reviews and feedback platform that works as an inlet to elevate customer service. Our platform simplifies requesting, receiving, and managing reviews while also encouraging private communication and engagement with your customers.

We look forward to being your trusted partner in achieving your ultimate success!

Our Management Team


Jojo Malone


Jojo is the business strategist and customer advocate for ThumbsYup®.  Applying her fields of expertise in interdisciplinary studies and computer science, she's developed and cultivated ThumbsYup® into the platform it is today.

Outside of ThumbsYup®, you can find her enjoying Colorful Colorado with her family and friends including paddle boarding, hiking, camping, and scavenging for exhilarating ski runs.


Scott Malone


As a veteran technologist, Scott thrives on business process automation and simplification.  For over 20 years he has helped startups and Fortune 500 companies deliver value through web application design, testing and support.

When unplugged, he can be found under sail or on skis with his family.